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About Us

We began New Angle Consulting after leading team building programs for executive teams with Outward Bound Professional and other experiential team-building providers. Business school highlighted the need for enhancing business know-how with relationship and people-development know-how.
We firmly believe that people learn best when they're mentally, physically and emotionally engaged... thinking, interacting and laughing together!

We help you map out the BEST use of your valuable time together. Whether your are a mostly-virtual team, an office-based team, or a hybrid team, your time together must be more than an agenda on paper.

We help you figure out HOW to have different kinds of conversations, what tools/assessments/models will help bring forth the best thinking, and purposeful ways to ensure relationships continue to grow during transition time and evenings. 

Let's co-design your offsite and then we'll facilitate
so that you can fully participate. Or  let us support you and your team to facilitate pieces you want to lead.

Office Meeting


Our facilitators are thoughtful, playful, wise, flexible, experienced, creative and responsive to your needs in the moment. They come from education, business, counseling, wilderness education, camping, wellness and OD/HR.


With 10-30 years of experience consulting and facilitating organizations in all kinds of industries, our facilitators bring knowledge, perspective, and a keen eye for observation. 


We LOVE what we do and thoroughly enjoy partnering with you to ensure that your team says,


"That was so valuable, engaging, and productive!
We finally talked about the important stuff, openly."

Founder and Principal



Kristin Salada is a leadership development consultant, team coach and facilitator who has spent 25 years in experience-based learning and team facilitation. She earned her BS from Northwestern University and her MSM from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. Kristin also narrates audiobooks and performs voice-overs for eLearning courses.  

Having grown up with a deaf sister, Kristin is attuned to DEI considerations. She loves choral singing, cycling, skiing, traveling (en España!), adventures with her daughters and playing with feline family members.

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