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How We Support Clients


Executive Team Off-Sites

Working together to clarify goals for the 2-3 days, we determine the flow of conversations, interspersing them with fun relationship-deepening activities. Each conversation has different goals for outputs, so we determine which tools and process methods would bring the group dialogue to the desired outcomes. It is amazing what you can accomplish with the right tools (post-its, stickers, graphic facilitation, videos, personality assessments, tablets, LEGOTM) and the right process (brainstorming, narrowing, affinity diagraming, grouping, voting, etc.) We are passionate about incorporating meaningful moments for deepening connections and interpersonal learning in ways that strengthen trust and invite effective leadership behaviors. 


Team-building & Leadership Development Facilitation

With new teams, reorganized teams, growing teams and cross-functional teams, we create experiences that replicate many of the daily workplace challenges in a fun way. Before participants know it, they are talking about ways to be more collaborative, communicative, open and productive. People often tell us, "that was the most fun I've had in a meeting and I know so much more about my teammates, their work styles, and how to work together more effectively!" We support teams using a variety of formats: monthly learning modules, quarterly check-ins, facilitating segments of meetings, and designing/facilitating 1-3 day team off-sites.


Learning Consultation

Some of our clients are simply seeking experiential exercises that they can facilitate themselves to enhance their meetings and team conversations. We custom-design exercises, using language fitting for the participants and their field of work. We then provide facilitation guides and "train-the-trainer" consultation to in-house Training and Organizational Development specialists so they can create impactful experiences for their colleagues at work.

We also provide voice-over services for eLearning:


Collaborations & Partnerships

We are proud members of the Experiential Training & Development Alliance, a small collection of first-rate consultants, coaches, and learning & development firms.
We deeply value our partnerships which broaden our talents and skills to share with each others' clients and program participants. Learn more at


We would love to partner with you in facilitating learning!

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