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Maximize your time spent together with

Easy, Productive Off-sites!

Your Needs

Stronger connections

Better communication

A clear plan

Increased team trust

Clear roles & responsibilities

Agreement on process

Less drama/dysfunction

All getting "on the same page!"

What We Do

- Design executive meeting agendas

- Facilitate off-site meetings

- Strengthen teamwork

- Enhance leadership skills

- Create dynamic team experiences

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How We Do It

We talk with you 4-6 weeks in advance to learn more about your company, team members, and objectives. 

- What are your team's strengths?

- Where does your team get stuck?

- How do your meetings typically look?

- How would you describe your culture?

We help determine the format, flow, pre-work, logistical supports and facilitation needed for a powerful experience!

Why We Facilitate Teams

Most of us spend so much time working... so we're on a mission to make work more rewarding, enticing, empowering, fun (yes, fun!) and bring out the best in you and your colleagues.

Let us do the heavy lifting!

Trust our FIRST-RATE FACILITATORS to partner with you to strengthen your leadership team,
planning meetings, and learning experiences. 


"Thank you so much for your outstanding work with the team yesterday. Your presence, intelligence, superb facilitation skills, preparedness and ability to 'adjust in the moment' are what good consulting is all about. And you elegantly handled some difficult topics.”

Internal Strategy Consultant

Let's Connect!
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